Claymount is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of system components & modules serving, the medical and Industrial X-ray industry globally.

We have built our preeminent leadership position in this industry based on close co-operation and partnership with local and global original equipment manufacturers. Our core business is to design, manufacture and supply customer specific system components that reduce costs and fulfill high quality expectations and just in time demand. We continuously strive to maintain a close relationship with all our stakeholders by improving communication and providing transparency about the company's challenges, opportunities and expectations.

Claymount has seven operating facilities on three continents: The Netherlands (Headquarters), USA, The Philippines, China, Italy, Israel and Switzerland. As a member of the Claymount Technologies Group of companies, we are supported by a solid executive management layer and a strong financial foundation. The Claymount organization is focused on self-supporting lean and mean business units connected through a worldwide real-time Enterprise Resource Planning system that combines the best of all Claymount facilities. This makes it possible to improve customer satisfaction, through added value in all our products. Providing our customers the benefits of supply performance, price competitiveness and rapid access to R&D results.